Saturday, September 12, 2009

the orphan

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adorable? think again.

ever felt like u wish u have another little sister to play with?
or if u are a parent whom has lost a child before and now u wana ADOPT a new child.. to feed this child with tender love and care like u supposed to do to the unborn or your late child?

big NO NO!

if you refuse to listen to me at least hear me out on this one..

make sure your soon-to-adopt child is not..>> checkbox please

remarkably adorable, very mature for her age
always wear a ribbon around his/her neck
wears weird dress
refuse to meet the dentist
really, i mean really3 is from the orphanage, not somewhere else
esther =p

best thriller movie i watched this year. a friend said, duh.. i thought its a ghost story. sigh..
yea, its not a ghost story but definitely an intense psychological thriller. a good one.

it starts with a nightmare this woman is having nights after night since she had lost her unborn baby which died a few days before labor. finally she decided to move on by adopting a child.

soon they went over to the orphanage to seek for a decent child. they met her. she seems so perfect as a child. well mannered, bright, talented, the way she speaks gave the idea she's very mature for her age. you are hooked up once you saw her. everything seems just fine.

it makes you wonder she's so perfect what could go terribly wrong having her around. its a blessed. u will stay wondering and waiting until she started to unleash her dark side bit by bit..

when she has start her evil campaign, no one can stop her! she is like 'chucky' in a flesh body with sweet harmless smile. it gets so much thrill when the wife tried to unveil esther's mask. betting on her life trying to find out who the heck she really is

list of catastrophe

a bird > smashed with a big rock-rip
a friend from school > pushed over at a playground -broke her leg
sister from the orphanage > hit on the head by a hammer-rip2
the husband > multiple stabs by knife -rip3

plus countless failed murder attemp
crazy little biatch!

good thrill-ride
this movie rocks! bigtime.


namesake said...

but.. she's cute though...

f | r d 4 s z L e r said...

yeah totally, adorable!
until like.. the last 20 mins ? =p
what do u think of the comment box
should it be embedded below each post or pop out?
sry cant make it last nite bro..
piso pi ka?

chipsmore said...

cite ni best ke x?? xtgok g..hehe..

btw, i link u k ;)

f | r d 4 s z L e r said...

best! kalau scale 1 to 5 i bg 7 star =p
kalau takut violence jgn tgk sorg2 hehe
sure,my pleasure =)

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