Thursday, September 3, 2009

lappie hunt

august xx,

my dear sis : hey bro, don't u wana get a new lappy, i thought u said u need one

blurry me : yeah.. but u know how i cant afford a new lappie since mine was stolen last semester.

(its a brand new Compaq CQ40, cant recall the exact model but its a gaming spec lappy. sigh.. T.T)

i found a new lappy u can buy by installment. abg jan said (our big bro) said u can use his credit card. guess what its a brand new lappy with the latest gaming spec hardware. i tried asking my friends who studied networking and they suggest this lappy for both performance and price wise.

gila la weih, biaq betoi! are you sure about this, when can i get my hands on this sweet deal??

chill bro. big brotha said u can have it as soon as u get back to penang.

sigh. gotta wait till next month then. btw is it powered by amd? u know i dont go for intel.

yeah plus its dual core. asus brand. google it yourself, asus K40AB and K50AB. u know how costly an asus lappy usually is but this one is only about 2k with high end hardware. pricewise, i'd say its simply better than other laptops. i found one article on staronline.

*start googling*

i found the babe. its a beauty

  1. Processor option: AMD Althon64 X2 QL64 Turion64 X2 RM74, Processor Ultra Turion64 X2 ZM84
  2. OS Option: Windows Vista® Home Basic original, Windows Vista® Home Premium original , and Linux ®
  3. DDR2 800Mhz up to 4096MB
  4. Graphic: ATI Mobility Radeon™HD4570 with VRAM DDR2 512MB
  5. Screen 14”: HD LED Backlit LCD
  6. HDD SATA 160GB/ 250GB/320GB
  7. Storage media: DVD SuperMulti
  8. Webcam: 1.3 MP integrated
  9. Connectivity: WLAN 802.11n

also found an awesome flier on the web.

i didnt stop there. looking up for reviews..

here's what peeps says about her.
  • powerful mobile graphics agree
  • high definition 720p capable display agree
  • altec lansing speakers agree
    -sorry neighbour..
  • 5 hour battery life claim agree
    -good point
  • LED backlit displayagree
  • not gaudy looking agree
    -i dun need flashy one anyway
  • ample ram and drive capacities agree
    -wish i could get 4Gb ram!

footnote : guess what, i'm going back to penang tomorrow and i dont expect to return here without this gorgeous babe!


namesake said...

patut ar hang semangat nak balik penang!

Siti Nornadiah said...

sangat mengiurkan okay..:D

f | r d 4 s z L e r said...

namesake > tau xpa bro, harap2 balik t dapat la.. nasik kandaq bratoq lai2 hehe

siti nordadiah > yeah, cun kan bakal gf i ni, tunggu...... =)

Siti Nornadiah said...

cun sangat pandai u pilih..ihihi~

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