Thursday, September 10, 2009

journey up north

as planned. few hours later after posting 'homecoming' the journey begun. a housemate sent me to ukm ktm commuter station. bump into my ex room mate way back while i was still staying in hostel. he is also going back to his hometown for the weekend, somewhere in east coast region.

talked about pretty much anything that came across my mind. lucky we dont have to wait long for the train. we are heading in the same direction but not the same destination. i got off at tasik selatan station and continue on lrt towards plaza rakyat while he stays on commuter all the way to putra station.

dull eh? yeah kinda.. it was packed at first but eventually peeps get off along the trail. i reached plaza rakyat station earlier than i thought i would. so i went on foot jalan2 cari pasal =p i was about to cross the street when a riddle came across my mind..

why do chicken cross the road? u can think of hundreds kind of possibilities of answers but in the end the actual answer is simple. to get to the other side. yet no pedestrian even bother to use this button to help them cross the road.

ever seen malaysia's version of venice waterway and canals? there u go..

this photo was taken last year actually. same place, different time. platform 4. everything was as usual actually i just wana share this photo with u guys since i never got a chance to publish it before. i finally got on the bus

lights off.time to sleep zZz..

i slept most of the time while the bus is heading towards penang. long day.. why cant i just teleport to anywhere i want. without losing my nose please when i reappear at the destination. dont wana end up like the guy on wheelchair in star trek the movie, half of his body teleported somewhere else. i wonder where it goes. gentlemen's club? he he

my cousy came to fetch me when i reach sg nibong bus terminal. and we head staight to bayan lepas. i was exhausted and excited at the same time. got so many things to do lined up in my head. cant wait for tomorrow to come,,

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