Friday, September 4, 2009


i`m traveling way up north to my hometown today. these are among the reasons that made wana be in penang so badly..

meet the latest addition in the family, my nephew.. baby harith^^ gosh i really miss him

there is a high probability of me getting my hands on this lappy

the taste of genuine 'nasi kandaq'. Penang famous Nasi Kandar Beratur here i come!

malls by the shore. this one here is Queensbay Mall peeps =)

Ramadhan bazaar @ bayan baru. gulai kawah yummy~

i miss being on the island. i live in the south-east side of the island near the airport

and the old street view~

with only hours to go, the hype is getting higher..
gotta start packing, catch u all later!


fievelski said...

oh. you live in the south east side? i thought you live in sg batu?

Siti Nornadiah said...

kg i ada di Penang, tapi my grandma dah passed away last few month..:(

i dah bertahun nak jejak kaki di Penang okay..the food so nyums lah!
apelah yang ada di kelana jaya nieh..bosan~

f | r d 4 s z L e r said...

sg batu is in south-east area of the island. refer the penang island satellite image bro =)

f | r d 4 s z L e r said...

jom ikut i balik penang =)

namesake said...

nasi kandaq beratur! damn!
aku pun nk balik penang gak wei!

Siti Nornadiah said...

jom pi penang..wehehehhe~

hawayou said...

4 december.

f | r d 4 s z L e r said...

hola guys!
dah kat penang ni, great news! tengah survey lappy tu, looking up for asus dealer^^

namesake > jom2 raya nanti bro, wat ramai kat nasi kandaq bratur

Siti Nornadiah > lai2 penang, kg u kt penang tu area mana

hawayou > hawa balik hujung tahun ni ya?

f | r d 4 s z L e r said...

sampai rumah tengah malam semalam, baby harith nangis T.T dia dah tak kenal uncle dia =/

Siti Nornadiah said...

i tatau lah tang mana..lupa..
balik pulau kot..yang odw nak ke rumah tok ada orang jual buah pala..

gila lupe daratan~

f | r d 4 s z L e r said...

kg i balik pulau jugak =)

♥ zoe ana ♥ said...

oh. i didnt know u went back because of the lappy. didnt tell me oso? T___T

f | r d 4 s z L e r said...

partly, it doesnt really matter coz i hv given up the only time i got to go get the lappy in exchange of meeting sumone i hv been longing to see =) its worth it

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