Saturday, August 15, 2009

mr optimus prime

optimus prime "2nd generation

lucky me~
i met mr prime on the 1st weekend that his 2nd movie was released on the big screen. doubt anyone wud say he/she hv no idea who mr prime is. come on! its prime babe^^ gud thing he look exactly like how i remembered him way back in those glory days

optimus prime "transformers : revenge of the fallen

well now lets take a glance of how he had evolved in the movie
  • got some flames going on his body
  • cool blade. catchy^^
  • nice custom body kit
some things are meant to stay the way it is.
he is still the leader of .
his subordinates look up to him. never ending talk about duty and how he would sacrifice himself for his fellow autobots and even mankind. strongest autobot alive. loyalty, duty, and freedom talk bla3 all d way.. sigh

the thing is the so-called blockbuster MOVIE got some FLAWS of its own

-a decepticon could transform into a gal?? wtf
-the autobots are 2 weak to the extent that they need help from humans, just to survive (-_-")
(clearly a propaganda to show off one's military power to d globe, duh)
-length of d movie.. 140 mins ouch!
-autobots lack airpower, 2 many wheels on the other hand
-since when does Megatron kneel to ANYONE? in this case its the fallen guy =/

KUDOS in terms of~

-transformers artificial expression (bumblebee lubricating ect.)
-outstanding CGI, interactions between robots & actors getting more realistic
-awesome freakin giant robot war
-starring megan fox in her super tight jeans,, yea u know exactly what i mean =p

this is more like it

"fate rarely calls upon us at the moment of our choosing"
Optimus Prime

autobots roLL out>

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