Sunday, October 4, 2009



Anonymous said...

dank..the vid awe me tho..hmm

f|rd4szLer said...

o reali? sry i didnt know but we r cool rite? act. i dedicated this song to sumone

wh0se said...

suka sangat lagu nie...tak penah tau pun ada lagu best cam nie..thankz sebab berkongsi...nak download lah...hehe

f|rd4szLer said...

frequency cannon ni local band
lagu ni soundtrack gol & gincu
famous sekejap dulu then band ni cam senyap je pastu

f|rd4szLer said...

i think i have misunderstand ur previous comment there andy

i thought u were saying u already posted this video on your blog before considering its an old song

but then i remembered that a friend used to say that word dank to me
dank is a german word used to express gratitude or thanks rite? sometimes its spelled as danke

guess i hv just figured out what ur 3rd language subject was back in high school =)

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